Students at Pilates classPilates is one of my favorite techniques, since my time at university, I have been practicing on a daily basis.

It incorporates many different and important benefits for health: increases lung capacity, benefits the circulation, strengthens the back and the abdomen, gives flexible muscles, promotes mental and physical coordination, helps natural posture, bone density and improves joint health.
On the whole, pilates increases body awareness, bringing back natural balance.

In this class, I work with very smooth music, so there's a calm ambiance in the place, inviting students to take a moment and pay attention to their body.
I believe we work on three levels: emotional, physical and spiritual. In all my sessions I incorporate all of these: how one feels, how one expresses, and how one moves. Above all, believe you can do it.

Coming from a ballet, yoga and tai chi background, pilates has helped me to combine the best of these techniques.



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